• Welcome

      Welcome to Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Garland, Texas! 

      Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic Church believes that God's saving presence is made visible in Christ Jesus and that God touches all people through the mystery of the Risen Christ and His kingdom.  We believe that by proclaiming the Gospel, worshipping, building community and serving others, we participate in the mystery of Christ among us.

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    • A Word from Father Joseph


      When Jesus fed the five thousand, it was a sign of how God blesses us. Although the Lord could have just rained bread down upon them, He chose to multiply the five loaves and two fish which they already had (of course, also the result of God’s goodness). If those loaves and fishes had served only the purpose of whoever brought them, then one or two people would have had a small meal. When they were given over to the Lord, however, everyone ate until they were full. It is a sign of what happens when we give ourselves to God- His blessings are more abundant than we can imagine, and the gift of even one person can help thousands. 
                                            Father Joseph

    • Food Pantry
    • Cross of Nails

      You may have noticed a wooden cross covered with nails in the Narthex. The Cross of Nails is for you to place your prayer request.
      There is a basket containing little squares of paper tied with ribbons that you may write on and hang your prayer request on a nail.
      Everyone is invited to do so. Please know that the entire community will be praying for you. 
      May God Bless you.

    • Registration for Sacramental and Religious Classes
      Faith Formation EDGE and Life Teen Registration

      Returning Students
      * Register now for priority placement for the fall classes.
        Pick up registration forms in the Faith Formation office.
      New Students
      * Registration is by appointment only. Please call or stop by the Faith Formation   office as soon as possible to schedule the placement of your child(ren) in the Faith Formation Program. Families must be registered contributing members of St. Michael for four months to receive “in-parish” tuition rates.


    • All Ladies of the Parish!